Bowling in your home

How incredible would it be to have your very own Ten Pin Bowling lanes in your establishment or your home? Well here at Lynx Bowling services we have made this impractical expensive idea become an affordable reality with minimal maintenance cost.


Every year more and more people decide to have their own “private” bowling lanes installed in their home. Choosing the right company is an important factor of the decision process so why choose Lynx Bowling Services?

Lynx Bowling Services is known worldwide for the quality, reliability and reputation of its products and services – second to none and offering a full line comprehensive equipment range to give you the very best and bring home the fun of bowling.

Lynx Bowling Services has a track record of providing state of the art, innovative products to the bowling industry, from automatic pinsetters to synthetic lanes, interactive bowling and automatic scoring systems… Lynx Bowling Services has always been at the forefront of the product evolution process.

So to bring the best bowling experience right into your home with Lynx Bowling Services!