Pins on strings

We believe that before long string will be replacing all traditional pin setting machines!! String 10 Pin is ideal for residential installations as it requires virtually no maintenance. On commercial installations String machines reduce your payroll by eliminating the amount of qualified A & B Pinsetter mechanics needed for the traditional pinsetters.

Reduce your electric bills every month as the String pinsetter has only 1 motor and gearbox vs 3 on an AMF machine and it only runs when it pulls the pins up.The pinsetter has virtually eliminated the noise of a pin return system and the sound is Max on a traditional peak of 130 decibels to the string machine about 90 decibels. You still have the noise of the balls hitting the pins but the vibration from the machine is almost non-existent. You eliminate the Pinsetter camera on the capping all together which reduces your maintenance and hardware that could fail.

There are 1,800 parts on the AMF traditional pinsetter, there are about 550 parts on the string pinsetters with more technology in the chassis and pinsetter control.