Lynx Bowling Services

Here at Lynx Bowling Services we are installation specialist of various different types of bowling machine’s, from our brand new Power Gamma string machine to the classic 82-70 AMF free fall machine. We have spent many years investigating the initial and future cost of Bowling and how we could make it more affordable for our valued customers. Now we can!

How incredible would it be to have your very own Ten Pin Bowling lanes in your establishment or your home? Well here at Lynx Bowling services we have made this impractical expensive idea become an affordable reality with minimal maintenance costs.

Here at Lynx Bowling Services we offer a wide variety of services, such as:

  • Ten Pin Bowling machine parts.
  • Machine removals.
  • Extremely competitively priced service contracts with call out.
  • Scoring system repairs.
  • Motor Repairs.
  • And many more.

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Technical specialist for ten-pin bowling equipments

Lynx Bowling Services is a family business with over four decades of Technical experience in the Bowling industry. We specialize in Ten Pin Bowling Equipment and Bowling Alley Equipment. The Business is managed by expert hands Nigel and Jack Butler aided by a small but smart team of technicians. We specialize in Sales and Installation, Maintenance, Modernization, Repairs & Servicing of Ten-Pin Bowling Equipment. We have a fully equipped workshop/test and training faculty. We are proud suppliers of the range of Ten Pin Bowling Equipment and Bowling Alley Equipment we offer to our clients.